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Mizrachi Dance Archive

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Virtual discussions, demos, classes, and more!

Looking to bring a fun, interactive, and COVID friendly event to your community? Contact Jackie today to hear more about her customizable programming to fit your needs! Whether it's a discussion, lecture and presentation, dance demo or class, Jackie is committed to bring her passion for Mizrachi history and culture and her love and experience in dance into every event!

Topics include:

  • Mizrachi history and expulsion of the Jews from MENA countries 

  • Jewish identity 

  • Israel and its Mizrachi influence

  • Modern Mizrachi arts and culture

  • Diversity in the Jewish and dance communities

  • What it means to be a Jewish belly dancer in the modern world

  • Young Mizrachi Jews reclaiming lost identities 

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More about Jackie

Jackie Barzvi is not only a professional raqs sharqi (belly dancer) but also has an extensive background in the professional Jewish world. She was the IACT Israel Programs Coordinator at Northeastern University Hillel in Boston, and has led over a dozen organized trips to Israel. She has been teaching Middle Eastern dance since 2011 and was featured in the Hillel International Magazine in 2017 for her work with bringing together Jewish and non-Jewish students for weekly dance classes and conversations. 

She has always been passionate about helping others find their own Jewish identity and creating environments where people feel comfortable to dance, connect, and build community. She is so excited to merge her passions of dance and Judaism and cannot wait to bring Mizrachi culture, history, and movement to your community soon!

Watch Jackie's recent Instagram live where she explains "What is Mizrachi Dance?"

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